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11 Mar, 2022 0 Editorial Team

Top Quality Patent Drawings Services Do Not Have To Cost More

Patent illustrations are a fundamental part of any patent application. Consequently, you should know how much the Patent Drawings Cost. The inaccurate patent drawings cost you more for improvements. If you don’t know the basics of patent drawings, you may suffer patent rights as well. Patent drawings are multiple views of innovation. These views help the USPTO examiner comprehend the innovation thoroughly. Usually, candidates add as many views as they can in their patent applications. The patent drawings include every claim which you have specified in your patent application. Moreover, the cost of patent drawings solely depends on innovation. If innovation isn’t complex, it may not cost much. However, if an innovation has various functionalities, it may cost much. 

Make The Patent Drawings that Cost You, Less

Patent drawings help in understanding innovations better. Hence, you need to cover various views of your innovation in your patent application. An expert patent illustrator can make your rough sketch into a detailed patent illustration. No matter how complicated your innovation is, you can always rely on a good patent illustrator. Nevertheless, it’s not mandatory to hire a patent illustrator. You can also create patent drawings on your own. Hence, your patent drawings cost you zero. The following are the ways that may reduce the price of the patent drawings:

1. Creating patent drawings by yourself 

You can create your patent drawings if you know the USPTO’s policies, patent drawing rules, and specifications. You can get the following advantages if you make your patent drawings:

  • More accurate presentation of patent drawings than hired experts as you know what you want to depict better than anyone else.
  • Save time in explaining to someone else about the innovation, or sending patent drawings back and forth for corrections.
  • Save money by cutting all the charges of any hired professional.

While this option might save financial advantages for you, however sometimes cutting your pocket by not hiring a professional draftsperson is an unnecessary step. It is even possible that the innovator holds insignificant knowledge about the specifications which deteriorate its quality and delay its submission.

Some candidates may want to be included in the complete process of patent filing. As a result, they may prefer a patent drawing the views of the innovation on their own. It’s not impossible to draw patent illustrations. However, this approach isn’t recommended unless you’re good at patent drawings. If you’re not good at creating patent drawings, you can learn. Check out the list of some software that you can use to create patent drawings.

  • SmartDraw
  • CorelDraw
  • LibreOffice Draw
  • DraftSight
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • FreeCAD
  • Microsoft Visio
  • AutoCAD

2. Hiring a professional patent illustrator

Hiring an expert patent illustrator signifies that you are required to pay for the service. Therefore, do your research before hiring one. There are various patent firms that provide samples of their work beforehand. You can see their samples and judge whether to hire a patent firm or not. Nevertheless, you can decrease the cost of your patent drawings even if you hire someone. For this, you should consider the following things:

1. Provide the complete information of your invention beforehand.

2. Provide the prototype of your invention (if possible).

3. Hire an illustrator only when all the changes in the invention are completed.

Learning to make patent drawings from scratch is a lengthy process. You may want to hire experienced patent illustrators that work in compliance with the USPTO guidelines. The USPTO takes patent drawing guidelines or rules strictly. If your patent drawing doesn’t follow the rules, the USPTO may reject your application.

Rather than creating self-explanatory drawings by yourself and putting your drawings at risk by leaving quality issues behind, it’s better to think of some other ways of cost-cutting. 

Various Factors that can influence the cost of patent drawings

For instance, you want a patent drawing as quickly as time permits. Accordingly, you need to pay extra to get the patent drawing fast. However, you can keep away from these factors if you have in-depth knowledge of patent drawings. Major factors that may increase the cost are:

1. The complexity of patent drawings

This factor plays a significant role in determining the cost of patent drawings. If an innovation has several functionalities, a patent illustrator is required to comprehend all functionalities. Therefore, it may increase the cost of patent drawings since it may take time to comprehend the innovation.

2. Fast or Express Service

In a rush to get a patent, numerous candidates wish to utilize express assistance. A patent illustrator may provide you fast assistance. Nonetheless, he may charge you extra for this. Hence, it’s more beneficial to get the patent drawings earlier. Else, you need to pay more for fast assistance.

3. Revisions or iterations

Sometimes, you’re not satisfied with patent drawings and need to add some more details. Accordingly, you need to pay more. The patent illustrator will do all the referenced changes. Any extremely late changes can make you pay more. Consequently, provide the complete details of the innovation to the illustrator.

What Do the Patent Drawings Cost You?

The average value of each patent drawing is between $60 and $90. Additionally, the cost of the drawings of utility or design patents relies on the complexity of the patent drawings. The simple patent drawings charge you around $45 per figure. However, the cost may rise above $100 per figure if the drawing is complicated.


Preparing patent drawings as per USPTO specifications and the innovation requirements is an intimidating and nerve-wracking task. Well, it is okay to believe some third-party patent illustrator to create patent drawings for your patent that could do full justification for what you want. You can also create your patent drawings. Moreover, cutting out costs by doing the patent drawings yourself, is a good option through which you can save much money on patent drawings without deteriorating their quality.