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We are one of the best patent drawing companies delivering high quality patent drawings.
Our Services include Utility Patent Drawings and Design Patent Drawings. We are the professional patent drawings company.

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About Design Patent Drawing

Design Patent Drawings help in protecting the appreance of your inventive idea. It doesn’t protect the functions of your invention. The quality of design patent drawings become highly important considering that the design patent drawings are enforceable as granted.
We do understand the whole concept behind the design patent drawings including the concept of dashed lines and accurate size and shape requirements of the patent offices.
If you are looking for design patent drawing companies for your patent drawing services needs, look no further. We are one of the best patent drawings companies out there in the market. We provide ready to file patent drawings to be filed at United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), European Patent Office (EPO) and other global patent offices.

About Utility Patent Drawing

Utility Patent Drawings or Utility Patent Illustrations are one of the most important elements of design patent application. High-Quality Patent Drawings greatly improve the chances of patenting your ideas and inventions. Patent Drawing Experts understand the need for law firms, corporations, and inventors. We lucidly draw the inventions on to the paper. With the help of our team of patent illustration experts, we deliver the drawings compliant with the USPTO.
We perfectly develop the simple utility patent drawings as well as complex patent drawings. We have experience in developing patent drawings for USPTO, EPO, WIPO, SIPO, UKIPO, and other global Patent Offices.

Merging of Patent Drawing Experts Brand with Menteso.

If you have been redirected here from, we would like to inform you that we have merged our Patent Drawing Experts brand to unite with the Menteso brand. For those who are new to Menteso, we want to inform you that Menteso is the parent company of Patent Drawing Experts. You can safely initiate your drawing requests here. Use the button on the right to initiate your reqeust.

Patent Drawing Experts

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How it works

1. Submit request & upload files
Submit your patent drawings request details and upload files. Submit all details and available files including sketches, photos, videos, 3D files and Solid Works files etc.
2. Real Patent Drawing Experts at work
Our Patent Drawing Experts get to work as soon as the order is confirmed. We know, understand and implement PTO guidelines. Yes, we understand what a dashed line means in Utility and Design Patent Drawings.
3. Receive Complete Set of Drawings in 1-4 days
The drawings will be delivered as per your delivery speed preferences and, it will be delivered strictly as per the commitments.
4. Iterations – Will NOT be Charged
We generally complete the patent drawings in the first draft itself, nevertheless, if the need arises for the rework. We will NOT charge even a single penny extra for rework. We will rework immediately till you are 100% satisfied.

Design Patent Drawing Samples

Drawing is one of the most crucial aspects when we talk about patent drawing application. One needs to ensure that the designs are precisely drawn and are acceptable to the USPTO. The drawing should depict the innovative feature of your product or object and hence you can only rely on professionals with years of experience in delivering design patent drawing services.
The overall characteristic look along with the aesthetic of your object/product is protected with a design patent drawing. You need to check out some sample design patent template that can give you an overall idea about the quality of work that you can expect from a service provider.

Our Design Patent Drawing Samples

Here we’ve provided a few design patent drawing samples that would provide you an overview of our work and how your business can get benefitted from our services. The diverse sample drawings from different industries would help you analyze the preciseness of our work. Our experts would surely lend a hand in taking the right decision for your patent idea.
Furthermore, you can reach us anytime to discuss your idea about patent drawing needs. We can provide you with similar samples that would surely give you an idea of our quality services.

Utility Patent Drawing Samples

We offer top-notch utility patent drawings samples services that can eventually leave a great impression while you submit your patent ideas. Our high-quality and precise drawings enable your business success and help you depict your ideas noticeably & professionally.
With years of experience in delivering quality patent drawing, you can always rely on Patent Drawing Experts and our consistent services.

Our Utility Patent Drawings Samples

Here are some of our samples that will surely give you an idea about our services. Moreover, also let you know how we can give wings to your creative ideas.
Our professionals understand your actual needs and precisely draw your inventions onto the paper. Moreover, our patent illustration experts deliver patent drawings that are also compliant with the USPTO.

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1. Get Started

We will need the information related to your drawings. You may upload all relevant files. The file type includes images, pictures, drawings, videos, sketches, brochures or 3D files e.g. SolidWorks etc. Just contact us via query form to order patent drawings for “Utility Patent Drawing” or “Design Patent Drawing“.  One of our team members will revert you back via email or call to get more information as needed.

2. About Our Services

Following are the ways to make changes or cancel an order:

  1. By contacting your account manager by email or call. Account Manager details will be included in your order confirmation email.
  2. You can contact customer care at or call at +1 888 355 0144.

We make every effort to change/cancel your oder, however, partial charges may apply if the order has already begun or scope changes significantly. Thus, we request you to make changes as soon as possible.

That’s a good question. We work hard, collaboratively and smartly to make this possible. We aim to build long term relationship with all our clients with help of our cost effective pricing models. Our tested and proven setup of Drawing Excellence Processes in India helps us in passing on the savings to our clients.
We use AutoCAD, MS Visio, CorelDRAW, AutoDesk Inventor, SolidWorks etc.
Together with United States of Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), we are expert in various other patent offices including EPO, JPO, IPO, UKIPO, CIPA, SIPO, KIPO and offices of AU, DE, SG, IL etc.
We DO NOT charge for iterations. We are committed to deliver 100% quality. That is our responsibility.
Hold on! You are asking why drawing experts? Well, we go beyond expertise. We are cost effective, accurate and agile. We can deliver complex drawings in couple of days.
3. Making Payments

The charge for your order will appear on your credit card as: “PayPal*MENTESO” if you are paying by credit card.

Yes, you do have to pay PayPal Transaction Fee. PayPal charge us 4.4% + $0.30 USD per sale on our website, through invoice or online payments. Accordingly, we do charge per order which is equivalent to 4.4% of total amount of a selected order/ or, package. Please read PayPal transaction fee information for more details.

Design patent application refers to the appearance of the invention, for design patent drawings the patent offices usually requires seven including planar views and a perspective view, at a time there could still be more based on the complexity of the pictures.
For a utility patent application which is the structural and functional aspects of the invention, the number of drawings may vary based on the nature of the design.

Yes, We recommend you to get a patentability search done before moving on with drafting the drawings and patent application. We can assist you by running a comprehensive patentability search and also give our general opinion on the patentability aspect of the invention. Please contact to inquire about our patentability search reports.

To protect the confidentiality of your invention, we have uploaded our NDA on the website which you can view while placing your order. Once you click on the checkbox below NDA, it will get E-signed by both the parties and will get electronically executed.
You can also contact for NDA to review or share you NDA for Signature.

Apart from USPTO regulations, we prepare patent drawings regularly for EPO, WIPO, PCT, CA, UK, JP, KR, AU, DE, SG, IL, India etc.

We offer quick, accurate & economic patent drawings services to patent law practitioners and corporations. We have numerous clients who rely on us 100% in any situation where they need patent figures. No matter how intricate are the patent (utility or design)drawings you are looking for, Our draftsman is well equipped to handle 100% compliance to patent offices rules. We use the latest software/technologies to cater to any and every output format that exists.
Utility patent drawings refer to the structural and functional aspect of an invention whereas design drawings refer to the appearance of the devices.
Yes, we can create a prototype based on your description of the invention nevertheless we still would like to receive a hand-drawn image of your imagination.
Numbering, lining, and other elements are included in a patent drawing based on the requirements of the respective patent office. Our expert patent draftsman knows all patent office rules and rests assured we’ll do things accordingly. The drawings will be prepared as per your given inputs in the beginning.
There are no rigid rules on the numbers of figures needed. It depends on what and how you wish to convey your idea or invention to the respective patent office. Any number that can explain your concept entirely is more than enough.
Yes, Please contact for samples.

We work Monday to Friday 6AM PST to 5PM PST.

Absolutely. We take payments only through PayPal which is considered as one of the most trusted payment gateway. Please read payment security information for more details.

We have a wide range of payment options. We accept valid credit / debit cards or PayPal account based payments. Additionally you can pay via bank transfer to our US Bank of America account.


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Here is my feedback. I am glad that we are working effectively for the past two years. Your firm provides quality service on time. Your firm has more flexibility than any other I worked with. I will definitely recommend your services.

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