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Menteso was founded in the year 2010 & growing exponentially since then.
Menteso has 100+ full time and access to 400+ industry experts/consultants.
90% of Menteso employees are PhDs, Post Graduates, Engineers and Lawyers with a bare minimum experience of 6-7 years in IP Research & Analytics in their technological domain.
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MentesoIP services cover complete Intellectual Property life cycle to provide one stop to our clients.

IP Docketing

At Menteso IP, we deliver peace of mind to our clients by managing their IP Docketing Systems Remotely.

IP Paralegal

We have been helping corporations and law firms in managing patent and trademark docketing as well as unburdening them ...

Patent Search & Analytics

MentesoIP's Patent Search & Analytics Services have helped many fortune 500 companies in taking their valuable deci...

Patent Drawings

We helped corporations in licensing and selling their patents. We have created value of more than 20 million dollars fo...

Patent Writing

We have helped our clients in domestic, foreign as well as national phase entries in various jurisdictions. Our service...


Michael Tehranian President Omni LP LLP

Here is my feedback. I am glad that we are working effectively for the past two years. Your firm provides quality service on time. Your firm has more flexibility than any other I worked with. I will definitely recommend your services.

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