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patent application
16 Jan, 2023 0 Admin

Describe The Format Of A Patent Application.

The format of a patent application is as follows:- A detailed application for a patent must be submitted, together with a specific "Request for the Issue of a Patent application form" located in Schedule II of the Patents (Amendment) Rules 2009 (For...

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IP audits
13 Jan, 2023 0 Admin

What Is The Importance Of IP Audits?

It is necessary to understand the importance of IP audits. IP audits can assist with evaluating, protecting, and developing IP, fixing defects in IP rights, using unused IP, and identifying risks that a company's goods or services trespass on someo...

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24 Nov, 2022 0 Admin

Patent Drafting: A Step-By-Step Guide

What is Patent Drafting? The lengthy process of applying for a patent requires the inventor to give a detailed description of their invention. This description must describe all the elements of the invention that make it unique and innovative in ...

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What is Espacenet PatentSearch
23 Nov, 2022 0 Admin

What is Espacenet patent search?

The idea behind the Espacenet Patent Search is now complete. Watch this page for updates. By default, searching is available in any data, including full text. Your search query is always visible, and you may modify it anytime. See the results list,...

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IP docketing specialist
22 Nov, 2022 0 Admin

 What Is The Role Of An IP Docketing Specialist?

IP docketing specialist collaborates with lawyers to administer the firm's or company's IP docket, which is a duplicate of data using IP docketing software. The IP docket contains the IP filing timeframes for a company or corporation, which is funda...

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Design right
21 Nov, 2022 0 Admin

 What is my automatic design right?

Automatic design right means for the mentioned time period, it functions as an unregistered kind of intellectual property protection that stops others from stealing your design. Under automatic design right, the creator of an original design is g...

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patent search image
18 Nov, 2022 0 Admin

 How To Complete A UK Patent Search

Define UK Patent Search: A UK patent search is a process of searching for information about patents that have been granted in the United Kingdom. This search is conducted to determine if a particular invention or innovation has already been paten...

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patent search image
17 Nov, 2022 0 Admin

The Importance Of A Professional Patent Search

Meaning Of Professional Patent Search! A professional patent search is a thorough investigation carried out by a skilled and knowledgeable patent search specialist to find and analyze already-issued patents, patent applications, and other relevan...

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patent search firm
16 Nov, 2022 0 Admin

The Best Way To Find The Patent Search Firm

Why Patent Search Firm? A patent search firm provides professional patent search services to individuals, companies, and organizations seeking to protect their intellectual property or evaluate the patentability of a new invention or innovation. ...

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Patent Drawings
15 Nov, 2022 0 Admin

The Function And Importance Of Patent Drawings In Patent Applications

Any patent application that does not clearly and accurately describe the invention is directly relevant to office action and rejection. Patent drawings are helpful for describing to the examiner the detailed features of an inventive product, process...

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