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IP Docketing Services
06 Apr, 2020 0 Menteso

How much IP Docketing Services cost?

IP Docketing Services are required when you are super busy with your day to day business activities. I am an attorney myself, and I understand attorneys keep themselves extremely occupied. At times, the attorneys keep admin staff to help them, howev...

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What is Patent Docketing?
26 Mar, 2020 0 Menteso

What is Patent Docketing?

The definition of Patent Docketing Patent Docketing is the calendarization of events associated with the patent prosecution journey. The events include pre-filing activities, patent application filing activities, and the grant and patent maintena...

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07 Nov, 2018 0 Menteso

User Review: AppColl’s New Features and their Usefulness

AppColl has been teasing its users and followers for the past one week, and finally, they launched new features yesterday (Monday, November 5, 2018). To be true to you I liked AppColl since its beginning. The way they have simplified the docketing in...

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Patent Docketing
30 Oct, 2018 0 Menteso

Seven (7) Steps to Setup an Excellent Patent Docketing Process

As you are here, I could think of three reasons: 1. You have a messy patent and trademark docketing system, and you wish to improve its quality (by audit or data cleansing); 2. You are trying to build patent or trademark docketing process from scratc...

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21 Oct, 2018 0 Menteso

The 7 Most Common US Patent Docketing Errors

Let's find out the 7 most common US patent docketing errors. The patent docketing process involves tracking and scheduling of due dates in a patent application process. These due dates are always critical as missing any deadline can lead to the aband...

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