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IP Docketing
30 Sep, 2020 0 Menteso

What is IP Docketing?

Intellectual Property (IP) Docketing assists in obtaining the protection of IP. Each type of IP has to undergo the different prosecution processes and following the guidelines of the authorized officer. For e.g. the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) in the case of Patents and Trademarks. During the prosecution process, there are a number of communications in terms of queries, notices, etc. from the authorized offices to the inventor. These communications need to be responded well in-time by the inventor/author to avoid the financial forfeits or rejection of IP sometime.

Intellectual Property (IP) Docketing relates to the process of maintain records for the prosecution of IP Assets such as Patent, Trademark, Copyright, and Trademark. Additionally, we keep track of the infringement cases, Opposition, etc. All the documents related to the prosecution of IP is maintained in the Docketing software. The Docketing software can be web-based software or cloud-based software as per the requirement. To identify which docketing software suites requirement, check 4 Best IP Docketing Softwares For Small And Medium Law Firms

I will be introducing each IP Docketing in brief:

1. Patent Docketing: The Patent Docketing relates to the maintaining of the documents and docketing appropriate deadlines associated with it. In this, all the communications are thoroughly reviewed and the tasks are generated according to the Docketing system. Once the Tasks are docketed, the appropriate due dates are docketed with its reminders (if required). The details recorded for the Patent Application with the PTO (Patent and Trademark Office) are verified. In case of any discrepancies, the client is immediately notified.
The Docketing software also dockets the infringement and opposition cases related to the Patent Application in the system. This ensures that all the documents and other related information to the proceeding are readily available in one place.

2. Trademark Docketing: The Trademark Docketing relates to the maintaining of the documents and associated deadlines related to the registration of the Trademark. Each information related to Trademark is verified with the details recorded with the PTO. The Docketing software also generates deadlines related to Opposition watch.

3. Copyright: The Docketing software also maintains records related to the copyright. It keeps track of the time limit of the copyright and formalities required to maintain the rights.

4. Trade Secret: The Trade Secret is no protected by the law similar to Patent or Trademark. However, Trade Secret can be included in the software to maintain the documents such as confidentiality agreement, Non-disclosure agreement, etc.


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