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07 Nov, 2018 0 Menteso

User Review: AppColl’s New Features and their Usefulness

AppColl has been teasing its users and followers for the past one week, and finally, they launched new features yesterday (Monday, November 5, 2018). To be true to you I liked AppColl since its beginning. The way they have simplified the docketing interface is incredible. It looks immaculate when you enter into AppColl. The whole system seems pretty organized.


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AppColl PM Plus version has got all the new features. This version is 30% costlier than the non-Plus version. Plus version starts at $130 whereas the other starts at $100.


Now, the question is whether the increment of $30 is worth? Let us see what the new features are. The much awaited new features include:


  • Private Pair integration

Our team had been entering the private pair data manual for each case. It looks like the peace of mind. It will also make the docketing more perfect wherein we will have fewer chances of missing the PTO data. So, should we become complacent if it is happening automatically? Of course No! Even if there is a complete facility, we will still have to verify the documents and customize the docketing.


  • QuickBooks™ Synchronization

Indeed, an excellent integration for the ones who are using billing feature of AppColl and they are also using Quickbooks. It should reduce quite the right amount of hassle of the paralegals. Few of our clients are using Billing feature of AppColl, and our team is helping them. The team at Menteso IP used to provide them with the reports that they used to include in QuickBooks separately. Now, with this feature it should be an easy task. 

Nevertheless, we shouldn’t rely 100% on it. We must verify every activity being performed by the system. As we just started, the system might need iterations and learnings to reach the level of perfection ultimately.


  • Conflict Checking

This feature is inevitable in all general non-IP docket management system. Nevertheless, probably, the first time this feature has been introduced in an intellectual property docketing software. However, it looks that this will prove to be an invaluable addition as many times the IP law firms struggle with the conflict check. They at times use a separate conflict check software. It looks like a good addition.


  • Automated Email Routing

This feature of sorting email using a dedicated keyword-based email ID is already present in other docketing software such as Foundation IP as well as various CRMs. It really helps in classifying the emails depending upon to or from email IDs. AppColl entered late, but that’s fine. To me, it is an essential requirement.


  • Graphical Reporting

The information looks charming when presented in the form of graphs and charts. The data start communicating more information. I remember, we used to download the reports from AppColl, being an analyst, I always hated raw data. I genuinely love this feature to the core. This feature should help in making more informed decisions.


I’d love to pay $30 more for these features. Would you? Write in comment. Nevertheless, I don’t know how the pricing would change when the number of users or the number of cases will increase. If anyone gets more information, please write in the comment.


I am looking forward to receiving your feedback and comments.

– Azam Ghani
Founder & CEO at Menteso (IP), Inc.


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