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We have been helping corporations and law firms in managing patent and trademark docketing as well as unburdening them with highly skilled paralegal services.

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The decades worth of experience of Menteso IP is something you want when you are looking for IP Paralegal services. Experienced attorneys and professionals know what it takes to keep your IP portfolio on track. It does not only save the resources that you would have to invest to make a paralegal team in your organization but also helps you get the most efficient results. Menteso IP offers a wide range of IP Paralegal services that take care of all your IP Paralegal needs. We ensure that you do not have to go to multiple places or attorneys for different services.
The IP Paralegal Services at Menteso IP include:
IP Paralegal

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You can hire either shared/full-time IP Paralegals from Menteso IP without the need to worry about their performance and all the other aspects of it.
Menteso IP covers all the major PTOs around the world including the USPTO, EPO, IPO(UK), CIPO, IP Australia, and many more.
Menteso IP serves all sizes of organizations including big corporations and small firms that are just starting out.

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Michael Tehranian President Omni LP LLP

Here is my feedback. I am glad that we are working effectively for the past two years. Your firm provides quality service on time. Your firm has more flexibility than any other I worked with. I will definitely recommend your services.

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