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29 Oct, 2022 0 Admin

 IP Valuation: How To Measure What You Can Not See

In recent decades, the value of intellectual property (IP) assets has increased. Sometimes an organization's IP valuation is much more than its physical assets, real estate, or other holdings combination. To make the most of this "secret" treasur...

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IP docketing services image
07 Oct, 2022 0 Admin

IP Docketing Services: MentesoIP Services Cover Complete Intellectual Property Life Cycle

We customise our IP docketing services to meet the needs of every client. For instance, certain law firms and IP owners prefer that MentesoIP utilise our docketing software. Because to docket and handle all events independently. They ask that Mentes...

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Google Patent Search Image
03 Oct, 2022 0 Admin

The Ultimate Guide To Advanced Google Patent Search

1.Google's Patent Search 2. The How-to-Find Guide for Patents 3. What Basic Data Can Be Found in a Google Patent Search? 4. What Does a Google Patent Search Include? 5. Google Patent Search: How to Use It Before you think about filin...

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patent docketing image
01 Oct, 2022 0 Admin

Patent Docketing: All The Information You Need

The process of administering the patent application process is known as patent docketing. Docketing for patents and trust accounts 2. Requirements for Insurance 3. Docketing vs Data Entry  4. Docketing Importance 5. The Process...

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patent search technique image
06 Sep, 2022 0 Admin

Patent Search Techniques: Everything You Need To Know

Patent search techniques like keywords, specific patent classifications, and tools are available to help you research existing patents more easily and quickly. What Exactly Is a Patent Search? A patent search is a method for searching for prio...

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patent drawing examples
30 Aug, 2022 0 Admin

 Everything You Should Know About Patent Drawing Examples

What Are Examples of Patent Drawings? Diagrams or pictures you use to describe an invention in a patent application are patent drawing examples. You must submit a patent drawing together with your application if it would help an examiner understa...

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18 Aug, 2022 0 Admin

Patent Application Costs That You Want To Know

The cost of filing for a patent varies depending on the type of invention and how many patents are filed in that area. The cost of a patent application can be expensive for a number of different reasons. The most obvious reason is that it is require...

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18 Aug, 2022 0 Admin

Patent Drawing – How to Draw Your Own

Drawing patents is an art form that requires patience, practice, and creativity. It also helps to understand the basics of patent drawings before attempting to create your own. 1. What Is A Patent?  A patent is a legal document issued by the ...

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Notice of Panel Decision
20 Sep, 2019 0 Menteso

Notice of Panel Decision

In the case of Patent Application Prosecution, the Applicant has the right to appeal to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) for the decision made by the Examiner. The Applicant can File for Notice to Appeal for the claims which are rej...

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10 Sep, 2019 0 Menteso

Filing Receipt

After filing of the Patent Application with the PTO, we receive an e-filing acknowledgement stating the Patent Application has been received by the PTO. Once the USPTO record the Patent Application and its detail, it sends Filing Receipt to the Appli...

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