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07 Oct, 2022 0 Editorial Team

IP Docketing Services: MentesoIP Services Cover Complete Intellectual Property Life Cycle

We customise our IP docketing services to meet the needs of every client. For instance, certain law firms and IP owners prefer that MentesoIP utilise our docketing software. Because to docket and handle all events independently. They ask that MentesoIP only issue notifications in specific situations, reduce duplication and increase efficiency drastically.

Other clients will want MentesoIP to utilise their docketing software to enter the docket entries. And controlling the docketed events themselves. These clients monitor the docket. Other law firms and IP owners like hybrid models. That use either the docketing software provided by the clients or that of MentesoIP. And we customise our docketing services to match their needs.

MentesoIP directly supports law firms and IP owners in developing and maintaining IP protection. This is because of creating and completing all forms connected to IP prosecution globally. MentesoIP prepares and files IP-related documents and structures at all patent and trademark offices. This includes those in North America, Europe, Asia, and the WIPO, using a vast range of resources, including multilingual teams of professionals knowledgeable of IP rules. And regulations around the world.

MentesoIP’s strict training programmes and quality control procedures guarantee that our scrupulous professionals prepare and file IP prosecution-related forms without making mistakes everywhere in the world.

We prepare and file IP prosecution-related forms specific to each client’s needs. Some legal firms and IP owners, for instance, want MentesoIP to create and forward IP prosecution-related forms to another business, such as the patent owner or law firm, for filing in a patent or trademark office by that entity.

Other clients would instead MentesoIP write and submit forms connected to IP prosecution to the appropriate patent or trademark authorities. Some law firms and IP owners prefer hybrid models. MentesoIP produces and files IP prosecution-related forms in some patent or trademark offices while also preparing and transferring forms to another organisation for filing in additional patent or trademark offices.

To assist law firms and IP owners in managing IP assets globally, we use our wide and complex resources, which include multilingual teams of professionals knowledgeable of IP rules and regulations internationally. MentesoIP, for instance, oversees the submission of new patent and trademark applications and offers new patent and trademark application filing strategies based on the demands of our clients, including providing suggestions for the submission of new domestic and foreign patent and trademark applications as well as PCT patent applications.

Another illustration is the management of disclosure requirements by MentesoIP, which ensures that prior art and relevant examination reports are regularly submitted to patent offices globally for connected and associated applications.

To meet the needs of each of our clients, we customise our IP management solutions. For instance, some law firms and IP owners would prefer MentesoIP only to give them our recommendations for IP management strategies, which would then be performed by a different party, such as the law company or IP owner.

Other clients would instead have MentesoIP carry out the IP management strategy recommendations on their behalf. For instance, MentesoIP might use its network of experts to file relevant paperwork with national and international patent and trademark agencies.

The IP management strategy guidelines are applied by MentesoIP in some patent or trademark offices, while implementation in other patent or trademark offices is handled by a different business. However, other law firms and IP owners prefer the predictive model. All of this has to do with Menteso Ip docketing services. Contact us whenever you have questions or need more information.