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What is Espacenet PatentSearch
23 Nov, 2022 0 Editorial Team

What is Espacenet patent search?

The idea behind the Espacenet Patent Search is now complete. Watch this page for updates. By default, searching is available in any data, including full text. Your search query is always visible, and you may modify it anytime. See the results list, including drawings and/or abstract snippets. Equally, explore the result list and document information.

How do I download a patent from Espacenet?

Drawing thumbnails and original paperwork for patents can both be downloaded from the Mosaics screen. Click Download in the toolbar of the PDF viewer to download the whole document you are currently seeing. When the Espacenet verification window starts, a captcha image and security code are displayed..

Original document

Graphical representations of the whole original application, including the request form with the abstract, explanation, claims, drawings, and search reports, are included in a fully-fledged patent document on Espacenet. The original documents can be viewed, printed, and downloaded in PDF format.

The data is incomplete for all papers, despite the fact that the Espacenet database is continuously being updated to include more nations and to provide a wider range of information. For instance, the original documents for a specific document may not be available, only the bibliographic information. In this situation, the navigation bar’s Original document tab is not available.

However, these may supply the original documents in English or in the filing language where related records are available.

Note: To see the documents in the PDF viewer on the Mosaics and Original document screens, you should have Adobe Reader 7 or over installed on your computer.

Downloading original documents

You can download patent documents from Espacenet as a single PDF file with up to 500 pages. When downloading EP and Euro-PCT papers (published applications and approved patents) from the European publication server, there are no size restrictions.

Note: Please note that in downloading files, your browser must be set up to accept cookies from the Espacenet website.

Drawing thumbnails and patent documents both can be downloaded from the Mosaics screen’s Original document screen.

Click Download in the toolbar of the PDF reader to download the entire document you are presently viewing.

When the Espacenet verification window opens, a captcha image and security code are shown.

Enter the numbers in the captcha image, then click Submit.

Note: It can take a few moments for the browser inquiry to display, depending on how many pages there are in the entire document. If you click Submit a second time before the file is ready for download, Espacenet will consider your activity to be that of a search robot and will refuse your request. A fresh security code will be given to you to enter.

Original documents are printed

There are several options available on Espacenet for printing patent paperwork. You can print specific pages from the Original document page, or you can download the whole thing as a PDF file and then use Adobe Reader to print all or individual pages.

Printing individual pages

You can only print the page that is now viewable when viewing a document in the Original document screen’s PDF viewer.

Printing complete documents

A complete patent document must be downloaded from the Original document screen in order to be printed.

How do you search on espacenet?

Using keywords

Enabling Espacenet. In the Smart search box at the top of the screen, type your search term. After pressing the magnifying glass button to the right, a list of items will appear quickly.

How often is espacenet updated?


Both beginners and specialists can access Espacenet, which is updated every day. More than 140 million patent documents from all over the world are covered by the data in it.

How do I check the status of my European patent?

You can view the publically available portions of the application file, such as the grant stage (and any opposition or appeal), as well as legal status information (i.e., where or that a patent is valid) for European and Euro-PCT applications via the EPO’s free online European Patent Register.

What is CCD in Espacenet?

An online tool that allows a single point of access to the source information of patent applications from the same patent family. It allows you to filter, sort, and export a list in addition to consulting the earlier art. This is all about the Espacenet patent search. Contact us for any queries.