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IP docketing specialist
22 Nov, 2022 0 Editorial Team

 What Is The Role Of An IP Docketing Specialist?

IP docketing specialist collaborates with lawyers to administer the firm’s or company’s IP docket, which is a duplicate of data using IP docketing software. The IP docket contains the IP filing timeframes for a company or corporation, which is fundamentally a highly technical calendar. A reliable IP docketing system is necessary to keep a record of and keep an eye on the many timelines. That is a matter of IP filings, especially those for patents and trademarks.

A skilled IP Docketing Specialist who knows how to operate a company’s IP docketing software is also essential. Using IP docketing software, an IP docketing specialist is in charge of managing. And keeping track of all the data in the firm’s or company’s IP docket. This could mean entering information, updating records, uploading files, running particular reports, starting filings through the software, sending an email or other contacts through the software, etc.

The term “expert” usually refers to the individual who uses and maintains the IP docketing system for the company or corporation.

An essential factor of an IP Docketing Specialist’s job is performing reports. Learning to write informative reports with all the relevant information helps convert data recorded in the docketing software become information that clients and other members of the IP team can use.

An IP Docketing Specialist’s job could include managing tasks unrelated to the docket. Or it may be focused purely on managing the docket. Major law firms and businesses often appoint IP Docketing Specialists (or multiple of them) with large IP portfolios to monitor the IP docket. If you think this position would interest you, keep reading to find out how to become an IP docketing specialist.

How Do I Become an IP Specialist?

Try to find entry-level jobs or internships with law firms or businesses wanting to hire IP paralegals; you want to learn how to become an IP Specialist, IP Docketing Specialist, or Trademark Docketing Specialist. As you understand intellectual property law and trademark law, this work experience will be necessary.

You can also register for Alt Legal’s free Trademark Paralegal Course. It means educating and improving the skills of trademark paralegals and administrators. It also aims to assist non-trademark specialists in studying how to become experts in IP docketing.

The course includes essential IP parts and advanced sections on trademark searches and professional guidelines. Top paralegals and attorneys teach it from law firms and internal departments. You will receive a certificate of achievement from Alt Legal once you have finished the course. Which you can show future employers as you start your journey to becoming an IP Docketing Specialist. Or a Trademark Docketing Specialist.


The topic of intellectual property (IP) employment is a dynamic one. The growth in trademark applications worldwide has given IP professionals. Especially IP docketing specialists and trademark docketing specialists/administrators, with many new career possibilities. Being involved with IP is truly interesting. Since it lets you observe how organisations operate as they develop and expand. And discover market trends within numerous industries.

Due to the nature of the work, IP specialists frequently express high levels of career satisfaction. Additionally, IP specialists are usually well-paid because of how highly specialised the work they perform develops. When this article was published, LawCrossing reported that the average yearly salary for IP paralegals was $114,500, compared to $50,000 for corporate securities paralegals, medical negligence paralegals, and trial paralegals.

If you already work in the legal field as a paralegal, legal assistant, legal secretary, or in any other non-lawyer role, you can focus on intellectual property. And/Or exploring a career as an IP Docketing Specialist. Learn about the fundamental law that defines trademarks. And receive helpful advice on submitting. And successfully registering an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office by reading Alt Legal’s eBook, Introduction to USPTO Trademark Prosecution (USPTO).

You may learn more about what IP docketing specialist performs in this post and how to become one.