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18 Nov, 2022 0 Editorial Team

 How To Complete A UK Patent Search

Define UK Patent Search:

A UK patent search is a process of searching for information about patents that have been granted in the United Kingdom. This search is conducted to determine if a particular invention or innovation has already been patented and to evaluate a new invention’s possibility for patent application.

Methods To Complete A UK patent Search:

Finding a complete guide to Patent search UK stay connected with us. A novel concept or the method used to produce is possibly subject to a patent application. Which is intellectual property. When someone has a patent, they have the legal right to stop others’ activities. These are like producing, using, importing, or selling the invention without their permission.

Whether you believe your argument to be novel, it is a good idea to double-check and make sure it hasn’t before been patented. For a complete UK patent search, prior art means including applications and patents pending. There are various accessible databases online that you may use.

Before you go too deeply into the already accessible databases, it’s crucial to determine the “initial creation” of your idea. What differentiates it from similar concepts existing in the public domain—better, cheaper, or otherwise—and why? To improve the depth of your patent search, list all the relevant keywords and synonyms that could be used to describe your invention.

Some of the free and paid national databases are provided below. And searchable international databases where you can search for patents relating to your idea.

Intellectual Property Office (IPO) – Ipsum

Ipsum, a free online data processing by the IPO. It enables users to access data and check the status of all UK patent applications. And download copies of any documents from the open part of published patent applications made after January 1, 2008, which were published.

Ipsum enables users to view up-to-date information about patents. It checks which categories and search fields have been utilized. And give comments on the patentability of a posted patent application before a complete patent is received (under Section 21 Observations). There are separate IPO lists for Green Channel patent applications that have been published, patents with licensing of rights (which can be licensed for use), and patents that are no longer applicable.

The IPO’s patents journal also details all updates to the register and new UK patent applications.


More than 70 million patent documents worldwide are freely available through Espacenet and the European Patent Register. It contains detailed answers about inventions and technological advancements from 1836.

You can search Espacenet using the following conditions:

  • Patent number Inventor or applicant name Patent classification (s), Keyword(s)
  • Notably, a mobile device can now search the Espacenet databases for patent applications.

Patent scope

You can browse 52 million patent documents—including 2.9 million published international patent applications. And regional and national patent collections from 38 collaborating authorities in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) database.

  • The Patentscope database can be accessed using three main strategies:
  • simple lookup
  • To get the most relevant results for your search, you can enter keywords in six different fields below, including names, dates, and ID/number.
    Advanced lookup
  • Users may enter endless keyword combinations using the “Advanced Search” option. In this enhanced mode, queries using field codes, Boolean expressions, or keywords can also be checked.
  • Search by field combination
  • With the help of this platform, you may restrict your search results by entering precise search terms in any search area, such as the title, abstract, or description.

The Business & IP Centre can guide you if you consider filing a patent application but are unsure if your invention is original. Or how to use the accessible online databases available to locate granted patents and pending patents. Register for our “Patents Searching” workshop for businessmen and inventors. And get all the tools you need to protect your ground-breaking ideas.