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How IP Paralegal Broaden Its Services In Various Ways
09 Jun, 2022 0 Menteso Editorial Team

How IP Paralegal Broaden Its Services In Various Ways

Introduction to IP Paralegal

To what extent do the I.P. Paralegals contribute to services related to Intellectual Property? The range of paralegals is very broadened in services provided under legality aspects via tying up with the attorneys and alone as a freelancer. They are connected with law firms, government departments, companies, and institutions to provide the service of making applications, assisting attorneys in litigation, and doing research relevant to intellectual property. 

Along with this, opting and processing knowledge of all domains like science, biotechnology, and mechanics while preparing trademark, patent, and copyright applications to obtain the claim and help clients.   

                                                                                                                                                         To avoid any prosecution for infringement upheld against the inventor must go for intellectual property research if any same work or invention did earlier, which saves the reputation of clients and other parties’ property is stolen. The step described above you considered before filing an I.P. application to USPTO. One can need to hire an expert in IP paralegal services to extract the databases from U.S. intellectual property Offices.          

The I.P. Paralegal work can be performed from anywhere. For instance, if you want to perform and provide services to the U.S. while sitting in India. The services are offered not only to the I.P. attorneys, but they can act individually with having the skill of an I.P. paralegal.   

Skills IP paralegal encounter 

IP paralegals eventually upbringing their skills in intellectual property services and settle themselves as professionals, sometimes in IP law firms. They might have been aware of the fields of technologies, science, new inventions of different domains, products, and novelty in creators’ ideas so far to help the clients and attorneys formulate the documents. But not necessary to admit all the things happening which are quite unable to grab and reach out. However, those paralegal experts shall attain the particular work by choosing a specific subject they concentrate on. 

The skills IP paralegals need to exercise for better professionalism in their lifetime with clients and at the workplace. Those are assistance quality, good listening, and writing to implement the words that clients say to them. In addition, they must be aware of USPTO provisions and other national PTO provisions while drafting any agreement and assisting in the same.  

IP Paralegal Services 

  • IP paralegals work for intellectual property law firms drafting the application of patents, copyright, and trademark and assisting the attorneys in their work with USPTO compliance. 
  • The following main functions performed by the paralegals under legal authorities, whether it is law firms or government agencies, are namely:
  1. IP documentation
  2. Drafting the application
  3. Track the application status
  4. Record intellectual property applications by using tools 
  5. Doing Research on case laws via assisting 
  6. Preparing termination agreement for clients
  7. Review Documents 
  8. Making Advocate case diary or calendar
  9. Formulate the licensing agreements 
  • Some of them are also helping in the trial stage, focusing on the judge’s statement and taking notes over testimony to assist in producing exhibits. Moreover, they help in other court work like preparing exhibits, pleadings, and arguments for cases, researching and communicating with experts for more exposure in service and witnesses.     
  • Besides filing intellectual property applications, they also look after replies or add on the information if required when any command is generated from the USPTO to add the information or reject the application subjectively. 
  • Paralegals have to conduct patent searches, ensuring that no invention is patented earlier related to the same industry before filing any application to the respected Patent Offices.    
  • Clients’ concern is superior to the paralegals who might be responsible for their confirmation and maintaining the process following the end with bonding to the clients and connecting with the opposite counsel for updation and clarity, which helps in the case. 
  • Some paralegals correspond with digital marketers to form their brand names and service marks and promote their patented service for security.  
  • Their expertise reaches that level where paralegals know their attorneys’ next step in the procedure and what they require further, preparing themselves for this priorly. In short, paralegals represent the attorney for whom they work. 
  • Frequently, IP paralegals engage in administrative department for the involvement in various work that is relevant to the legal aspects which an advocate requires in their law firms like:
  1. Sequencing the services
  2. Firm Management services 
  3. Finance management 
  4. Software optimization
  5. Maintain external relations
  6. Documents preparation, proofreading and reviewing
  7. Conducting meetings and drafting cases 

Is IP paralegal and Patent Paralegal the same? 

The concept here is structured as intellectual property paralegals, and patent paralegals do not quite show any difference. IP paralegals work in the same area as patent paralegals do but broadly. For instance, patent paralegals’ work is restricted to patent expertise. On the other hand, IP paralegals broaden their work in various areas of intellectual property like copyright, trademark, relevant to corporate work, geographical indications, and even patents.