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11 Mar, 2022 0 Editorial Team

How to Avoid Patent Drawing Rejection?

Patent drawings are a crucial part of the patent application, and if you don’t know why they are so important, you can consider checking out our article on the same topic by clicking here. Many applicants ignore the importance of patent drawings in their application and end up paying the extra charges after the rejection of the drawings to submit them again. But why do you need to pay that extra charge? You can avoid such an event by avoiding the rejection of your patent drawings. That’s the only approach smart people will take as it does not only save you money, but you also save the most precious thing in the world, which is time. 

There is no single way that can avoid the rejection of patent drawings in the first place as there is no shortcut to it. When you are filing a patent, your expectations from the patent are for the long term, and the shortcuts are not the right approach here. You must give proper attention to all the aspects of your patent application. Even a small mistake can lead to misinterpretation, which can give the competitors a chance to use loopholes in your patents. The same applies to your patent drawings as it is a source to visualize your invention. You can be as detailed and as accurate as it can get to avoid any unfavourable situation. 

Follow the USPTO guidelines

The first thing that you can never miss while filing a patent application in the United States is following all the rules stated by the USPTO for patent drawings. The USPTO and all other patent offices around the globe have already released a set of rules that you need to follow while making the patent drawings. These rules are very detailed and cover various aspects if you follow them properly. Even missing out on a small detail can lead to rejection of the drawing. You can find the complete USPTO patent drawing guideline by visiting the official USPTO website. You can also download our free eBook that compiles all the rules related to patent drawings by the USPTO, which makes your job even easier. 

Follow the deadlines

Not following the deadlines is another obvious reason for rejection. But following the deadlines do not only mean that you need to submit the drawings on the date. You need to have some time in hand when you are done with the drawing process. You can try to get the drawing done at least 2 to 3 days prior to the deadline so that you have enough time to examine it with the guidelines and other factors. You should also not wait for the last day to submit the drawings and try submitting a couple of days prior to the final date if you can. 

Hire a professional patent drawing expert

You can avoid all these hassles and get everything done with the utmost efficiency by simply hiring a professional illustrator. You can contact a reliable firm like the Patent Drawing Experts to get the patent drawings done. It will save you all the stress and money that you would have to spend if the drawing gets rejected. The professional illustrators already understand the updated rules and guidelines by the USPTO and other respective patent offices. They know what to include and what not to include in your patent application. They also know all the different views that are required in case of your invention.  

Professional patent drawing is not that expensive, considering the time and money they save for you. The patent drawing prices start from as low as $29 per sheet when you buy patent drawing services from the Patent Drawing Experts. We take care of every single aspect that it takes to get your patent drawings approved. Our expert illustrators work to coordinate with you to understand your invention and make drawings that do not only just follow the USPTO guidelines but is also competent in other aspects.