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Utility Patent Drawing Requirements
10 Mar, 2022 0 Menteso Editorial Team

What are the Utility Patent Drawing Requirements?

Drawings are perhaps the most crucial part of your design patent applications, which describe your utility patent or application quickly. You need to ensure that your drawings must depict what is being claimed in an invention. 

Some people ignore the importance of utility patent drawings, which shouldn’t be done since your drawings provide the complete meaning of your patent, which otherwise could be quite difficult to understand. 

So, you just can’t neglect the importance of drawings if you wish to describe clearly what your utility patent is. Let’s have a quick look at the utility patent drawing requirements.

Patent Application Process Rules 

If you are about to submit a patent drawing and unsure about the overall process rules, here’s the list of rules that you must strictly follow while submitting a patent drawing. 

  • Always prefer black and white colors.
  • Your drawing must include the application number along with other crucial details including- applicant’s name, inventor’s name, and inventor’s identification. 
  • The size of the application drawing must be 11×8.5 inches and should be in white. Also, it must be flexible, non-shiny, and plane.
  • Avoid solid shading. You can always prefer patterns
  • Make sure you use correct numbering as per the guidelines for every part. 

Guidelines by USPTO

It is always a great decision to go through the guidelines offered by USPTO to better understand the overall process of submitting your application for utility patent drawingsHere’s what you need to focus on:

  • Ensure your drawings are neat and clean and must have clear depiction through adequate use of numbers, symbols, texts, and graphs. 
  • You need to invoke the potential of your creativity to make the drawings more appealing. 
  • Make sure that there should be no overwriting and the entire drawing should be neat and clean while you are submitting. 

These are some of the requirements that the inventor must keep in mind while submitting utility drawings. Furthermore, it is advised to consider consulting professional utility patent drawings services if you face any issues in creating patent drawings for your invention. 

Hiring professional service providers is a great way of ensuring that your patent drawings get quick approval, which further saves your time and effort.