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10 Mar, 2022 0 Menteso Editorial Team

Software That You Can Use For Developing The Drawings

Patent drawings play a crucial role in enhancing your brand repute whenever you’re about to submit your patent ideas. 

But are you aware of the software and overall process involved in creating patent drawings? If your answer is no, you’ve landed at the right spot! 

There are several professional tools that are being utilized by avid designers across the world. These tools and software provide a lot of advantages and functionality that improves the overall patent designing experience. 

Here we’ll introduce you to the software that is used in making patent drawings and how they help you depict your ideas noticeably & professionally.


It’s one of the most reliable commercial computer-aided design and drafting software, which is designed by Autodesk. It has an internal graphics controller to create 2D or 3D drawings with the help of layering and thus providing professional drawing capabilities. 

MS Visio 

Microsoft Visio is professional software that is used to draw a variety of diagrams including flowcharts, floor plans, data flow diagrams, and building plans, 3D Maps, and more. 

It helps the user to precisely craft diagrams, visuals, and graphs that flawlessly depicts the detailed information about a product. 


CorelDRAW is designing software that is entirely vector-based and is used by professionals in designing logos, brochures, cards, and any other kind of vector designing. 

It’s one of the most preferred designing software utilized by professional graphic designers to design patent drawings. 

Autodesk Inventor

Autodesk Inventor is a computer-aided designing software that is widely used for 3D mechanical drawings by professional designers across the globe. 

Autodesk inventor online can be used for product simulation, mechanical drawing, and other designing purposes for engineering. 

It’s a dimension driven computer-aided design, which is used in visualization simulation and also for documentation.


SolidWorks is a widely used solid modeling program that enables designers to create models, assemblies, and parts in the most professional and reliable way. 

Models in this application are first created in 2D sketches and later can be extruded into 3D by using a variety of SolidWorks tools. You can also upload the solidworks patent drawings on our website, created with the solidworks.

These are all the tools that are used widely by professional designers to give wings to their patent design ideas.