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Reasons Why IP Docketing Service Boosts the Law Firm's Efficiency
21 Jun, 2022 0 Editorial Team

Reasons Why IP Docketing Service Boosts the Law Firm’s Efficiency

By providing its clients with great services and proving that they can trust the law firm, the client’s trust will grow. In a world where people have busy schedules, they will forget many things daily under the pressure of overloaded work. What if you forget about your application deadlines, which causes great damage or loss.

The introduction of docketing in the legal domain is a gift for an attorney in their hectic life, which not only provides stability through monitoring the process of application status and reminds them of its deadline. Also, secure the database of patent applications and relevant information.

Intellectual Property (IP) Docketing is the crucial software that accesses law firms by tracking the application status of a Patent and putting an eye on the whole process. It operates to handle the process from start to end because this docketing software can handle the application procedure accurately and well mannered. In addition, some inventors hire attorneys or enter into a docketing company that facilitates this outsourcing service to law firms or individuals.

While docketing the patent, it is necessary to recheck all the details provided in documents, including patent drawings, patent drafting, various forms, documentations, and declarations, for its surety whether it is correct; otherwise, you have to pay extra money with a penalty of. So hire an attorney for the proper procedure to avoid any circumstances.

Some of the reasons which we discussed here are why IP docketing plays a crucial role in succeeding and boosting law firms effectively:

Least cost comparatively

The costs generated while processing patent applications through IP docketing are the least compared to others. The attorney who has access to docketing demands less than comparatively who works in actuality with no systems or tools as it takes more energy to perform. The clients can easily afford it according to their preferences.

Connect with a law firm or company helping you with IP docketing. The cost of docketing will be determined at the time of the patent application and will vary depending upon the type of object and the degree of technical work involved.

Clients trust factor

The company should take responsibility for building trust against clients by affirmatively providing the services and avert the patent application from losing opportunity if not add the information for having an alert of the deadline of the patent application.

The credentials are also shared with the clients to get updates regarding patent applications and when the deadline falls for further submission of complete specifications of the invention to the USPTO or any other National Patent and Trademark Offices. The flexible approach for clients in IP docketing makes it easy to monitor the application status; meanwhile, it trusts the company and makes the relationship strong with potential clients.

Notify the deadlines of the Application

Intellectual Property docketing is an imperative tool to use under patent proceedings. Suppose there is any submission of the Application or documentation needed after the prior Application, then in such case docket performs its duty by providing notification of deadlines. This type of service is the most important part for IP attorneys to use in their work.

However, because the attorney forgets or misses the last date of any tasks, it leads to heavy compensation in dealing with small and large organizations or law firms. Moreover, it must check the deadlines provided in the notification by determining what to tell as to whom the clients have to approach and which PTOs.

Conservation of time and money

IP docketing in law firms involved in tracking patent applications. The number of applications generated for patents and remembering their coming deadlines is difficult; meanwhile, it takes a lot of time to address the dates of all the applications.

So IP docketing is now helping to manage dates of deadlines which automated notify the clients and attorney who had the case file. Moreover, through electronic ways, one can upload all the documents and relevant data to the docketing software for a further process without going anywhere. Besides time, avoid spending extra money in various places for the patent process and attorneys.

Avoid long proceedings

Before the arrival of technologies, there was no such software and tools to make the way easy and less burdensome. But in the last few decades, the advent of new development in every domain drives the respective tasks in flow. The classical era has become the digital world now. So you do not have to stand in a long queue and wait for your turn. The software named IP docketing is introduced into the market, making the proceedings easy and quite less long-lasting To avoid this long patent prosecution process. You must submit all the documents, patent drawings, declarations, different forms, applications (if needed), specifications, and contact information.

Store database with security

IP docketing is the assured instrument used to store confidential information in its software. All the data and relevant details of the patent application will be stored for docketing. The skilled docketers shall add on the details with great experience and follow the steps correctly. Data updation is crucial to the clients and attorneys daily and provides the activity results entered into it.

Various software is engaged to store the data through outsourcing patent docketing, which applies cost depending upon the organization’s work domain. These types of software generate to reduce the onerous and easy to access where all the details gather at one place, which needs good management to access


Intellectual property is one of the greatest protected rights provided to inventors, artists, manufacturers, and scientists for their inventions and work. So to reach the point for granting the patent from USPTO or other NPTOs, you have to follow the documentation process, which is possible with the help of a patent paralegal and attorney, which includes patent drawings, and patent writings, and some other credentials to submit with required specifications.

In handling the patent application, IP docketing is subject to this procedure, which tracks the status of the patent application through this tool. Docketing is the qualitative way to manage the hustle of IP documents. Sometimes, law firms get their IP docketing software to provide services and use it themselves. It is easy for both clients and docketers.