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Utility vs. Design Patents
10 Mar, 2022 0 Menteso Editorial Team

Utility vs. Design Patents: Which is Better?

Whenever you’re about to submit a patent, it’s crucial that your application stands out of the league and must depict everything in detail. 

No matter if you’re submitting an engineering drawing or utility drawing for any invention, your drawings play a significant role in getting approval. 

But most of the time you may be confused between two terms- Utility Drawings patents and Design Patents. People aren’t able to decide which is better when compared. 

But the real distinction between utility and design patent is usually the difference in protecting design (how it looks) vs. utility (how it works). 

Design patents are ornamental design which is usually considered by those who are concerned about their competitors who may copy their design. One can apply for a design patent if they want to ensure that their designs remain unique and no one could copy them. 

On the other hand, if your main focus is on protecting the features and functionality of your new concept, you must apply for utility drawings patents. Although, some cases may require the applicant to file utility and design patent applications. Submitting a design patent or utility patent entirely depends on your project and overall requirements. 

As per the industrial experts, it is important to understand the aspects that may lead to the rejection of your patent. This simply means you must consider relying on design patent professionals that can lend a hand in providing the best designs that have a higher chance of getting approval. 

So, it’s always a great decision to seek professional help whenever you’re about to submit your patent application form.