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Patent Illustrations techniques and its importance
10 Mar, 2022 0 Menteso Editorial Team

Patent Illustrations: Techniques And Its Importance

Get a brief understanding of the patent illustrations techniques and its importance in protecting the appearance of your inventive idea. 

An inventive idea is better defined when its information is accompanied by a comprehensive and accurate illustration. A visual depiction of any invention or idea helps the patent examiners understand what it’s all about.

Various categories in which ideas can be depicted noticeably & professionally.

  • Design Patents (ornamental design of a functional item for which legal protection has been granted).
  • Utility Patent Drawings.
  • Software-related Patent drawings.
  • Trademarks Patent Drawings.
  • DNA (DNA structures, DNA Chain links, DNA coding).

Patent Illustration Techniques that will help you to adopt a better patent filing methodology:

  • Patent Drawing in the traditional method: Drawing with pen, ruler, and instruments used by the people down by the ages.
  • Patent Drawing in modern method(2D 3D modeling tools): There are several reliable and advanced patent drawing software available now that provide a lot of advantages and functionality which improves the overall patent designing experience.

1. AutoCAD – Most reliable commercial computer-aided design and drafting software. 

2. MS Visio – Used to draw a variety of diagrams including flowcharts, floor plans, data flow diagrams, and building plans, 3D Maps, and more. 

3. CorelDRAW – Used by professionals in designing logos, brochures, cards, and any other kind of vector designing. 

4. Autodesk Inventor – Used for 3D mechanical drawings 

5. SolidWorks – Used solid modeling program that enables designers to create models, assemblies, and parts in the most professional and reliable way.

Role Of Patent Illustrator

Patent Designers are technical and creative persons that are well aware of the different tricks and techniques used in patent illustrations with high precision and accurate technical details. 

They have a thorough knowledge of filing requirements for patent drawings at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), European Patent Office (EPO), and other global patent offices.

A patent illustrator comes up with multiple views of those products that describe the invention perfectly. 

Compared to the traditional method of patent illustration, the modern method & advanced patent drawing software helps to make stunning and accurate illustrations easily in less time.

From the above discussion, Patent illustration techniques and importance will help you to employ which methodology to patent your inventive ideas