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Complete Patent Proofreading



Menteso IP’s Patent Proofreading Services are designed to support patent agents and patent attorneys at law firms or corporations. We made it easy for you to improve your patents. Please proceed with the order to experience the best proofreading services.

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A patent is a legal document that enforces your rights related to a particular invention, but if the patent application is incorrectly worded or has mistakes, then are you well protected?

Well, to keep away from erroneous enforceability, it is significant that you get Patent Proofreading Services before submitting the same in front of the authorities, at the time of the notice of allowance, and even after the grant of the patent.

Patent Proofreading is a significant step in recognizing errors that can affect the patent’s enforceability. According to a study, 98% of the patents issued by the USPTO have mistakes. These errors could hurt the enforceability of the Patent claims and even more throughout the court case stage. It is essential to proofread these errors and acquire a certificate of correction as soon as the patent owner comes across these mistakes to keep away from future losses.

The primary objective of patent proofreading services is to recognize errors in the patent application draft, which otherwise can lead to unnecessary office actions of patent applications. The mistakes could comprise errors related to grammar, spelling, formatting, antecedent basis, claim dependency, drawings, illustration, or even claim constancy related to the description.

At Menteso, our experienced patent proofreaders carefully proofread every page of the patent or patent application. We manage amendments according to the standard guidelines of the Patent Offices. Strict quality verification is carried out next to assure that an entirely error-free copy, and in the end, the draft is submitted for a final review. We also proofread issued patents and offer a summary of errors and inconsistencies, which a patentee can employ to request a Certificate of Correction.

Our patent proofreaders provide high-quality results by following exact standardized rules for checking grammar, formatting, spellings, claim dependency, and drawing inconsistencies, etc.

Working with Menteso is most likely be your best bet in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness! Order your proofreading services today to experience error-free patents!


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