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Patent Application Drafting (Writing)



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Drafting a patent application isn’t just about as simple as many might suspect. Drafting a patent application is quite complex. Once you have gained years of patent experience it is sufficiently simple to look at patent applications from various technical fields and understand why patent practitioners are making the choices when drafting a patent application, and also you will easily identify high-quality, well-written patent applications. But the basics of patent drafting for beginners do not seem all that basic.

Patent Drafting is the first and perhaps the most critical step during the entire life cycle of the patent. It is a part of how to patent an idea and is the process of writing the patent description and claims. It is at the core of each patent application. When the patent is issued, the patent draft serves as the specification part of the document. No matter how good an invention is, a poorly drafted patent can lead to the loss of rightful return on investment. A poorly written patent may have loopholes that a potential infringer may utilize to get away with infringement. Even worse, an assignee may lose the rights at a later stage if the patent has issues like improper enablement, improper explanation of the invention, etc.

Writing a patent application isn’t about meeting the patent office requirements and getting a patent grant. A patent document is not even worth the paper it is composed on if it is not enforceable when the need emerges. Our expert patent writing services provider always thinks ahead into the future and composes an application that will be hard to bypass by minor tweaks and/or potentially even after technological advancements.

The patent drafting requires sound technical knowledge and a thorough understanding of the Patent Rules to ensure that the Patent Application draft complies with the PTO norms. We have a dedicated team of patent application drafting experts in all technical domains with years of experience with a thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations.

The provisional patent application is a provision that enables candidates to file a patent application that does not comply with the complicated structure requirements of a non-provisional patent application. One of the purposes behind having this provision is to help the candidates get an official priority date quickly. The significant aspects of provisional application are quick turnaround and encompassing language. Our experts involved with provisional patent application preparation comprehends the path a candidate will take from provisional to complete specification application to include all possible scenarios and ensuring that the priority rights are not lost.

To generate the maximum value from the Patent Application regarding Commercialization, Licensing, etc., the Patent Application should be well-drafted within the scope of the novel aspect of the invention. Menteso IP works closely with inventors to identify the novel aspect of the Patent Application, enabling the team to develop the claims around the scope of the novelty of the invention. The engagement style of team Menteso IP ensures that the inventors focus on their core research work. Also, we provide patent drafting services using the latest patent writing software. Moreover, we make sure that your patent application gets a timely grant with optimal disclosure that too at a budget-friendly patent application cost. Ask for a quotation today!


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